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Duties and responsibilities of police- lawji

   The Police Act of 1861 lays down the following duties for the police officers:

i) Obey and execute all orders and warrants lawfully issued by any competent authority;

ii) Collect and communicate intelligence affecting the public peace;

iii) Prevent commission of offences and public nuisances;

iv) Detect and bring offenders to justice; and

v) Apprehend all people whom he is legally authorized to apprehend and for whose apprehension sufficient ground exists.

        The charter prescribed by the National Police Commission goes far beyond the 1861 charter, taking into account not only the changes which have occurred within the organization during this period, but also in the socio-political environment in which the orgianisation is required to function. The NPC's Model Police Bill prescribes the following duties to the police officers.

i) Promote and preserve public order

ii) Investigate crimes, apprehend the offenders where appropriate and participate in subsequent legal proceedings connected therewith;

iii) Identify problems and situations that are likely to result in commission of crimes;

iv) Reduce the opportunities for the commission of crimes through preventive patrol and other prescribed Police measures;

v) Aid and co-operate with other relevant agencies in implementing the prescribed measures for prevention of crimes;

vi) Aid individuals who are in danger of physical harm;

vii) Create and maintain a feeling of security in the community;

viii) Facilitate orderly movement of people and vehicles;

ix) Counsel and resolve conflicts and promote amity;

x) Provide necessary services and afford relief to people in distress situations;

xi) Collect intelligence relating to matters affecting public peace and crimes in general including social and economic offences, national integrity and security; and

xii) Perform such other duties as may be enjoined on them by law for the time being in force.

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