Monday, 24 April 2017

Rajat Malhotra

Internship Experience @ S.N Gupta, Law Firm,New Delhi; Legal Research Work, Learnt Discipline and Punctuality

Name of Organisation, Location city
S.N Gupta, legal firm, New Delhi, Mandi House

Application Process with contact details
You have to send in your CV for their consideration, 1 month before you choose to intern .

There’s no application process as such, they just require your CV with cover letter, mentioning why should you be selected as an intern in their organisation.

Duration of internship and timings
6 weeks starting from 15th June to 29th July .

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure
First day was majorly the formalities and the introduction session. I had to fill some forms that required some basic details and after that I was introduced to the partners and others lawyers involved with that firm.

There was separate room for interns and different cubical for each one of us. The lawyers and the partners had their chamber on a different floor; It was a well organised firm.

Main tasks

Majorly the interns were given the legal research work, related to the cases that the firm was dealing with. After a detailed study on the cases, we were required to prepare a case summary and a report.

On the presentation of the case we were grilled by the lawyer, several questions were put up before us. Punctuality was the key, we really had to finish the task within the time limit.

Work environment and people
The working environment was really awesome, everyone was helpful and understanding. Since the firm mostly had young employee it constituted a postive enviornment. I had a great experience working with them.

Best things
about the internship
You get treat on Saturday, we were allowed to order lunch.

Bad things about the internship
Bad thing was that they were really strict with the timings, you cannot be late to work and you really had to be punctual with work, no excuse would do.

No stipend

Biggest Lessons
How to deal in a professional environment was the biggest lesson since I had no exposure of. Punctuality and discipline was another.

Any Other Thing
about the internship
Working with such professionals help you learn great things and helps you in becoming one.

Office Timings
You was required to reach the office by 9:30 and couldn’t leave before 6:30.