Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Rajat Malhotra

Internship Experience @ Sr. Advocate Ram Jethmalani; Supreme Court

Internship Under Ram Jethmalani


Name of the Firm. City
Chambers of Mr. Ram Jethmalani, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, New Delhi. Address ; 2, Akbar Road, New Delhi – 110011

Duration of the internship:

 1st January to 31st January

 Application Procedure
The standard procedure is to apply at Ram Sir’s Official Mail ID:
But being a very senior lawyer, there are a lot of requests for internships and very few internships slots are available.

 I would only recommend students with good internship experience to apply for the internship along with a letter of recommendation. In my opinion there is a better chance of an experienced student with some recommendations to get selected.

Main tasks
Every Day before leaving the office you need to note the matters for which Ram Jethmalani sir is going. If the matter is listed early you can come directly to court. Sir has matters in all courts Trial court, High court and Supreme court.
I used to get research work of the matters which was going to be listed next day or after that. Every day a conference took place for the matter which has to argued next day. In that the discussion happens upon the arguments to be taken up and every intern has to attend all conferences scheduled on that day.
I usually use to write all the major points which were discussed in conferences with name, date and time of conference and also main points he used to argue with the case name. I was always so excited to listen to his arguments, he argues like lion roars in the jungle. Many times Ram Jethmalani sir use to give dictation relating to cases.

The office culture is very precise. Ram Sir is the Senior arguing Counsel. Lata Ma’am is the head of the firm and in charge of all the operations such as briefing, drafting, etc. She supervises the office work including five associates .She is very learned, hardworking and humble.

After Lata Mam , the senior most associate is Mala Mam who is an advocate on record and is also very hardworking and humble. The Secretary of Ram Sir is Mr. Sanjay who is a very friendly and helpful person.

Rs. 6000

Biggest lessons
Success comes with lots of hard work and knowledge there is no short cut for success. Ram sir’s way of reading each case, question asked by him in conferences amused us. He goes to the crux of each case. I love the way he argues. At the age of 93 he is more active then anyone else in the office!

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