Saturday, 13 May 2017

Nidhi Gupta

Internship @ The chambers of Miss Asha Tiwari, Additional Public Prosecutor: Delhi High Court

Internship Address
Delhi High Court, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Internship Duration
November 2015- December 2015

Application Procedure
The internship was obtained via Jugaad!

Internship timings
The internship began at 10 am and went on till 5 pm. The morning hours were spent in the High Court where cases went on regularly. Following that, usually the afternoons were spent in the chambers of the prosecutor preparing for the upcoming cases.

Nature of Work
The prosecutor already had an associate, so the filing, printing work was already handled. I was required to sit in the court, witness the proceedings after which I discussed the merits of the case and probability of a win with the advocate.

I was also asked to assist with some research questions that each case bought with itself. All in all, the prosecutor was a very friendly lady and the internship became a fun learning experience for me as learning went right along with other general commentaries on the legal profession as such. The advocate’s personal success story was a great inspiration. The way in which she handled her enormous work load and prepared for all her cases at least two days in advance was amazing, especially when you put it in the context of her representing the State in the cases. Her work ethic was something to learn from.

The culture of the Delhi High Court in its entirety, with the beautiful architecture, the clean, lively ambience was also very heartening. Every day I saw the court bustling with a million of lawyers and judges smartly dressed in black and the passion that each of them displayed told me that the stereotype of the courts being dull dreary places that “strike, oppress and overwhelm a fresh unofficial visitor with its barrack-like appearance, decrepit condition and complete lack of comfort” as Anton Chekhov described were just that, stereotypes. I really liked the overall atmosphere of the Delhi High Court!