Friday, 26 May 2017

Rajat Malhotra

Internship Experience: Harish Salve: Learnt discipline and Knowledge of crimes, Best place for internship

Name of the Organization/ Firm

Harish Salve, Senior Counsel, Supreme Court and former Solicitor General of India
- Best known for Kulbhushan Jadhav case in ICJ, Salman Khan case.

Duration of the internship:
The duration for which I got my internship was 4 weeks.

Team strength?
7 associates and around 13 administration staff.

There are two big apartments in the posh Bhagwan Das road. One houses the chamber, a small waiting room, the associate’s room while the other has a huge waiting room, Manager’s room, and kitchen. The office also has a small room for interns to wait in.

There is no dearth of space in the conference room where the clients and law firms are always on their toes, briefing sir – the first day I saw more than 30 people come for a conference in one go.

Application procedure/ Internship contact details:
To apply for the internship visit HERE

Duration in weeks/ Timings:

4 weeks, 6 days a week 8.30am to 8 pm., and saturday was half day, I generally went for morning conferences which started at 8.30am and lasted up to 10.30 am and then court Except on Monday, Friday and Saturday since there’s no court on Miscellaneous days.

In the evenings Harish Sir takes an hour’s break and goes for swimming so we are relatively free until 6 pm. Then there are back to back conferences till 8 pm.However, girls staying far away have the option of leaving early.

On Sundays, it’s off and Friday evening too. Saturday conferences start in the evening.

Accommodation/  how, where, how was it? I stayed in Kamla Nagar …there are a lot of hostels and rooms for rent available around North Delhi. There is also a direct metro line near the office on the blue line.

If you get the chance you should try finding a place in the Hostels located on Bhagwan Das Road itself. Maybe your State Bhavan such as Rajasthan Bhavan for me since I come from Rajasthan can accommodate you for the month. The HR who coordinates the internships can be contacted for it.

First impression/ The first day, formalities etc.
I arrived extremely early and had to wait for the other people to arrive. The staff was courteous and well-dressed and offered tea while I was waiting. By 9:30 am the rooms began to fill with associates and clients. We got an email with a list of conferences scheduled and we started to attend it.

One thing I am extremely tempted to mention is that the first client to walk in was a high profile Ex-MP for a case. I was awed and even more when I saw that all cases were extremely interesting and I had a great first day ahead in store for me.

But I was more taken aback by seeing Harish Sir at his desk for more than 12 conferences straight and being as energetic and active for the last conference as for the first. He constantly had to talk -quite a feat. Maybe our lecturers complaining about getting tired after two three lectures should take a leaf out of his book!

Main tasks (in detail) i) Preparing notes regarding conferences and courts. Assisting associates in research and preparing list of dates.
ii) The associates at the chambers of Harish Sir provide extremely systematic assignments and instructions are to the point.
iii) One of my co-interns got a chance to counsel a client in a criminal matter on his own without any associate being present, I think that is the ultimate!

Work environment/  people:
i) You can never ask for a better team… The associates are always there, constantly working and guiding us to attend courts and conferences- It was a great learning.
ii) The assistants send us an email daily stating which conference to attend, the cook prepared food and coffee, espresso etc whenever we were hungry, there were instructions to contact Ma’am in the case of any issues.
iii) Everything was as smooth as possible. There was lunch in huge for the entire office and snacks such as soy chips and diet coke for us too in the evenings.

"I consider myself extremely lucky to have had such an amazing experience".

Best things?

Seeing high profile clients come to seek Harish sir’s counsel. I get to learn why someone has such a high reputation. The question arises in my mind- Is it the meticulous studying, the uninterrupted focus (never seen Sir constantly checking his phone), the curiosity to constantly learn new acts and amendments, the dedication to provide the best solution, having a great support system or the persuasive advocacy style.

It is completely out of the world and guarantees you learn a great deal!
After watching Harish Sir on youtube and twitter, I understand the hype that surrounds such a great lawyer and why every business house and politician(we witnessed a lot of them being advised by Sir) comes to only Harish Salve!

Bad things?
Sir was always having what seems to be magical potions that helped conduct non-stop conferences for hours together. For us mere mortals having no powers, no time to breath!
Besides, the Harish Salve internship seems extremely short since Sir had to travel quite often! But on the plus side more time to attend college in between and manage attendance for students studying in Delhi especially since the Bar Council’s new rules about attendance and internship.

Stipend/ month
No stipend was given.

Anything else you’d like to tell
 Another is the green concept with which all of the matters are conducted-he uses his iPad and Mac rather than printouts. Also, Sir is a big Apple promoter – work is always on a Mac!

Biggest lessons

Always be on the client's side, Never stop sympathizing with the client, think from his point of view, keep excellent relation, Sir has great relations with all firms- Something which counts a lot. Also, the kind of exposure that we gained as law students with Mr. Harish Sir is something which cannot be described on a page as there are lot of incidents which will surely help us in building our career.