Internship Experience @ Khaitan & Co., Mumbai Office: Abundant Exposure

7th December, 2015- 7th January, 2016

Application Procedures:  I applied at, sent them my CV, cover letter along with a writing sample. Further, I pursued them through the phone everyday till my internship was confirmed.

First Day Formalities: Khaitan has two offices. One is the litigation office at Fort, Mumbai and the other one is the corporate office at Elphinstone Road, Mumbai. Since I was to work under the Corporate team, I was called to the latter. The office is huge, clean and highly fancy. On the first day, we had a lot of formalities to be done such as getting the visitor cards made, signing various agreements etc. Doing all the above, took a lot of time. So basically, we were seated at our desks and assigned our teams by the evening. Once, we were assigned our teams we were introduced to all the members. I was assigned the Funds team,

Office Timings: The official office timings are from 9:30 to 6:30. However, on most days one do not leave at the said time in the evening. Sometimes, if you do not have work by 6:30, it is advisable to wait for at least an hour more to see if some work comes up.

Nature of Work: The kind of work Khaitan gives to its interns is very diverse. From printing papers to doing research works, you might find yourself doing all of this. For me, I was many a time asked to proof read files, do indexing and print papers. However, along with all that I had the chance of working on some very interesting research work on few cases. On the end of the internship, each intern is asked to make an assignment and submit it.

Work Environment: The work environment at Khaitan is vibrant, fun and energetic. People are generous and helpful. I had a lot of co-interns, so the intern room used to be fun and lively. They had parties for Christmas and New Year. Along with that, the interns had an opportunity to interact with the recruiting partners, who told us on how to land with PPOs and various other things about Khaitan's recruitment policy. We also had sessions with other partners at times on various news etc. They also give you cookies and cakes every next day.

Stipend:  The amount of Stipend I received is Rs. 7500 /-

Henceforth, my overall experience at Khaitan was great. It is an excellent place to intern as it gives abundant exposure in the corporate environment.

Shradha Arora
CNLU, Patna

Internship Experience @ Khaitan & Co., Mumbai Office: Abundant Exposure Internship Experience @ Khaitan & Co., Mumbai Office: Abundant Exposure Reviewed by Shradha Arora on May 12, 2017 Rating: 5

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